Bye-Bye Blogging, Free Blogging Course and Blog of the year Awards.

Hey Lovelies!


Do you own a blog or want to create a blog/website ? This course is definitely for you! With not up to a year in blogging and a large follower-ship from over 70 countries worldwide I’m more than certain there are some things you can learn from me and so I would be having a free blogging course.

 I would be helping you answer questions like: should I just start with my own domain name? How do I grow my blog followers? How do I make money off my blog?  How do I get noticed by brands? What should I blog about? What applications or tools do I need to make blogging easier?As a blogger do I need a niche? and many more questions.

How do I sign up?  Send your name to and your location but for Covenant university students just indicate that you go to CU. (more information would be communicated to you via mail)



I got nominated for Blog of the year awards, be sure to vote for your girl here:

How do i vote? Click this link: vote

Then scroll to Blog of the Year Awards and vote for Sola Fagbemi!


This would be my last post on! I’ld miss blogging here but in life we always must make sure we are moving forward and not being stagnant or moving backwards!

Allow me to categorically state that designing a web page is far from easy especially when you have no knowledge prior to then! So I had to design my new site by myself… so if you find out there are some issues with the site just send me a message ….but i tried to make my new site as understandable as possible and easy to maneuver 🙂 is my new site!!! Don’t forget to join my mailing list by subscribing!